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stainless steel

Stainless Steel Sheet

According to processing technology, stainless steel plate is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling including thin cold plate of thickness 0.02-4 mm and middle plate of thickness 4.5-100 mm. According to the characteristics of steel grade, it is divided into five types including austenite, ferrite-austenite, ferrite, martensite and precipitation hardening.
To ensure all kinds of stainless steel to meet requirements in yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, hardness and other mechanical properties, the steel plate must be annealing, solid solution, and aging etc. heat treatment with 05.10 special symbols.
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Stainless Steel Pipe

According to different applications, stainless steel pipe is divided into oil well pipe (casing pipe, oil pipe and drill pipe), line pipe, boiler pipe, mechanical structural pipe, hydraulic prop tube, vessel tube, geological tube, chemical pipe (high pressure fertilizer pipe, oil cracking pipe) and marine pipe etc.
Application: suitable for transporting pipeline of liquid, gas, and solid; stair handrail, protective windows, railings and furniture.
Besides, stainless steel tubes also have a wide scope in geological drilling, chemical industry, building industry, aircraft and automobile manufacture as well as boiler, medical equipment, furniture and bicycle production etc.
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Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting

Stainless steel pipe fitting enjoys the advantages of easy installation, high performance and durability etc. It includes stainless steel elbow, stainless steel tee, stainless steel cross, stainless steel reducer and stainless steel pipe cap etc.
According to connection methods, stainless steel pipe fitting are divided into four types: socket type, threaded, flanges and welding.
Stainless steel pipe fitting has wide applications in all kinds of pipeline construction and installation.
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Stainless Steel Section

Classification According to Application
  • Building stainless steel section
  • Radiator stainless steel profile
  • General industrial stainless steel section: it is mainly used in industrial manufacturing such as automation machinery equipment, framework of sealing cover and the module companies according to their own machinery requirements custom like conveyor belt, elevator, checkout equipment and goods shelf etc. 
  • Railway vehicle structure: it is mainly used in the railway vehicle car body manufacturing.
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